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Thank you for donating:
Grace ChumfongKristel LouieJodie KupscoStacey RaeRyan NickellRob BarrettAkshay BalakrishnanPhillip DzhenganinDevon LeighCindy CurrieMegumi MutoAlexa HudsonJim KangJames HallRob McMurtryOle UttuslienTim RoyJennifer James, Suren ZaratsyanIsabella ZaratsyanIgnatius Watson


Elimu Impact Evaluation Centre is doing important work in Kenya—and it needs your help.

Elimu Impact Evaluation Centre, founded by McGill University Professor of Economics Matthieu Chemin in 2006, is a local NGO working in Kianyaga, Kirinyaga district in central Kenya, about 100km north of Nairobi. Kianyaga is one of the poorest places on Earth, where many of the locals, mostly ethnic Kikuyu, live their lives in destitute, unsanitary conditions, open to different diseases and afflictions, struggling to survive on a daily basis. Here, Elimu has been helping communities with implementing and evaluating the successes of various development approaches in order to identify the best ways to help reduce poverty, such as:

Legal Aid

Through partnerships with other legal aid NGOs throughout Kenya, Elimu provides various forms of legal aid to poor small-scale farmers in the Kianyaga communities and measuring the impact of access to legal services on their economic development.

Micro-Health Insurance

The lack of health insurance and the persistence of poverty are intricately related. Despite the existence of affordable state-sponsored options, many of the lower income small-scale farmers in Kianyaga communities still do not have health insurance. Elimu has been collaborating with the local communities on improving the situation through various activities, including helping disseminate information about insurance, offering assistance to register and distributing monetary or in-kind subsidies for those in need.

Micro-Hydro Electricity

With affordable electricity, farmers are able to use water pumps for irrigating their crops, micro-entrepreneurs can create businesses requiring light or powered machines, children may spend less time collecting firewood and more studying at night, women may devote less time to household chores and more to other valuable activity such as education. In 2006 Elimu has partnered with Green Power, an NGO helping Kenyans with micro-hydro electricity plants, constructed, owned, and operated by farmer cooperatives, to rigorously evaluate the projects and their positive effects on the economic development of the area.

Community Library

To thank the Kianyaga community for their continued support in their research, in 2012 Elimu opened a community library at Mucharaga Primary School. The library has been equipped with shelves and books and an Elimu librarian organizes activities for students and teaches them basic computer skills. Once funds are available for additional security and stable supply of electricity, Elimu library hopes to provide its readers with internet connectivity soon.

So, how can you help?

Not unlike all other NGOs—the success of Elimu and their continued operation depend on adequate funding. Photographers Without Borders and I have come together to help capture the work and the stories of Elimu, providing the organization with compelling photography to help them promote their work in the community on a local scale, and to raise awareness about Elimu worldwide. But, our project depends on you and your support—

Thank you, Donations are NOw closed

The name of the raffle winner of the grand prize: 13x19 framed and signed fine-art print will be announced soon!

Thank you to all the supporters.



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